Saturday, July 29, 2006

Time for us to shape up

I am a great fan of the energetic and wide-ranging blog of Peter Black AM. I read his blog entitled "It's time for Ming to shape up" with some sympathy. It has now been covered by BBC News.

However, the focus of the article is wrong, in my opinion. I have read many blogs like that.

Quite frankly we should be saying to ourselves - it's time for us to shape up. Each one of us in the party should be asking ourselves - are we doing enough? Enough leaflet delivering? Enough casework? Enough residents' surveys?

Ming went to Bromley four or fives times during the campaign (I can't find the actual number but it was something of that order). If we had all gone there as many times as Ming we would have won and we wouldn't be in this situation.

One line on which I do agree with Peter is that before the conference I would like to see a Paddy-style tour of the country by Ming.

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