Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Tatler puts paid to Cameron's man of the people credentials

Society magazine 'Tatler' reports that David and Samantha Cameron are top of the list of society hostesses' guestlists - three places ahead of the Earl and Countess of Mornington.

I must say I have been trying to get the Earl and Countess of Mornington to attend one of my parties for a long time, in order to play the world's most authentic game of "Mornington Crescent" but, alas, all gilt-edged invitations from me have been greeted with a polite silence.

I do hope this news about the Camerons is well publicised as, along with the recent sale of his family's posh furniture, it demonstrates the truth about the Cameron background, rather than the "man of the people" spin.

1 comment:

  1. Well, as 'the people' don't exist we shouldn't be surprised about this.

    I've never met 'a man of the people' and I doubt one exists, its probably an impossibility and their mind would collapse under the insane number of conflicts and contradictions.