Saturday, July 15, 2006

Richard Thomson's comedy genius

At the Newbury Comedy Festival I went to see "Rebus MacTaggart" , a one-man show by Richard Thomson. It was one of the most original and funny things I have seen for years.

Richard played a detective giving a talk to police cadets (us - the audience) on the business of policing. The talk also involved other "guest speakers" such as a Hungarian psychologist and "Margaret Stewart" (my favourite character), an artist specilising in identification drawings.

Being of a certain age and living in the home counties, one gets used to certain brands of humour. But I have to say that Richard's brand of humour strikes me as different and new. I suppose it is because he is young and comes from Scotland. There were a whole new range of jokes and funny angles which I wouldn't normally come across.

Richard has an extraordinarily skilful ability with impromptu asides. He thrives on heckling and audience participation.

At the end of the show his laptop died (I had noticed that it had closed down 10 minutes earlier), depriving him of his big finish. However, he blagged his way around it without batting an eyelid.

The highlight of the evening was Richard's little sketch where he plays a policeman reciting the technical details of the various speed cameras, while arousal. It was hilarious. It has to be seen to be enjoyed.

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