Saturday, July 8, 2006

Cameron's net approval rating continues downwards

Thank you to Peter at Liberal Review for drawing my attention to the latest IPSOS/Mori poll. It shows that David Cameron's net approval rating continues downwards.

His approval rating is down from 33 to 32%. His disapproval rating is up from 27 to 28%. That means his net approval rating is down from 6% to 4%. Those comparisons are with the same question by IPSOS/Mori on 30th May with ratings taken on 30th June.

Then I get my little graph out and update it, and, oh look - the slide continues!


  1. Wow - very telling (although you left April out - I don't think his decline was quite that dizzy!)

  2. Thanks for your comment Valerie. The recent dates of the IPSOS poll on this point have been as follows, with my month classifications in brackets:

    21/03/2006 (March)
    02/05/2006 (May)
    30/05/2006 (June)
    30/06/2006 (July)

    ..So they didn't do one in April, but perhaps I should have described the 2nd May one as April. Or just put the dates!

  3. So Cameron's ratings are up still since May.

    As we all know, Liberal Democrats can do anything with graphs! And when I say anything I mean anything!

  4. Well with Cameron looking like Blair circa 1996/7 it's not all that shocking the public are edging away from him.