Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Newbury Comedy Festival

The Newbury Comedy Festival is an absolute triumph this year.

Last night we thoroughly enjoyed the "Wise Crackers" final which was a competition involving youngsters from Reading and West Berkshire. Hosted by the excellent Richard Thomson, it was hugely entertaining. One always feels for the young ones - a couple of whom were nine years old - taking to the stage to entertain. But they were all brilliant.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night. I am going to see "Rebus MacTaggart" which is a spoof mélange of Scottish detective programmes by Richard Thomson.

I must declare an intrest in Richard Thomson. For the last two years he has lodged in our back room while he played Jack and then Buttons in successive Newbury Corn Exchange pantomimes. He is Scottish and an excellent stand-up comedian. So I am looking forward to him saying "Murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrder" à la Taggart tomorrow night.

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