Friday, April 20, 2007

West Berkshire Tories rattled

It seems that West Berkshire Conservatives are somewhat rattled and not confident of how they will fare on May 3rd. This is from the Newbury Weekly News this week:

Laszlo Zverko (Westwood), the Tory who now controls the council’s finances, thinks that the make-up of the council could be sealed by a single family in next month’s vote. “The Lib Dems are giving an awful lot of attention to this ward,” he said. “Because of the tiny majority, one husband and wife voting one way or the other could shift the whole balance of power in the ward and potentially the whole council.” It’s squeaky bum time, clearly. (Herodatus – NWN – 19th April 2007).


  1. What does me mean by 'squeaky bum time' exactly? I'm a bit behind on street talk although I appreciate that the Cameronites are very much 'down with the kds' as they say. (Do they say that? I'm not even sure I've got that right.) Anyway, is this a reference to flatulence?


    First coined by Sir Alex "Old Fart" Ferguson


    Suggesting that the nervousness induced by such an event causes flatulence.

    [edit] Idiom

    squeaky bum time

    1. (UK informal) A period near the end of a competition such as a football league, when closely matched competitors vie for the lead.

    [edit] Citations

    * 2005: Squeaky bum time is defined as "the tense final stages of a league competition, esp from the point of view of the leaders" and was coined by Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson "in an attempt to convey the tension experienced by those involved". — ITN report on inclusion of new words in the Collins English Dictionary"